Ukrlandfarming Announces Expansion into the European Union Market

Grand News Network | May 15, 2024

Kyiv, Ukraine, 15th May 2024 – Ukrlandfarming, an agricultural enterprise in Ukraine, has announced plans to expand its product reach in the European Union market. As part of its growth strategy, the company intends to cultivate 330,000 hectares of land for grain production and produce approximately 1.5 billion chicken eggs in the latter half of 2024.

The expansion strategy reflects Ukrlandfarming’s commitment to sustainable agricultural practices and its drive to deliver quality products to a broader customer base. The company’s focus on technologies and sustainable farming practices underscores its dedication to growth and community impact.

Ukrlandfarming Announces Expansion into the European Union Market

CEO and Founder Mr. Oleg Bakhmatyuk emphasizes the importance of aligning economic interests between Ukraine and the EU. He states, “As we move forward with our expansion plans, we are keen to build strong partnerships in the European Union. This collaboration is vital for our company’s growth and fostering economic ties that benefit Ukraine and the EU.

Ukrlandfarming’s expansion strategy includes establishing multiple offices in the EU and strengthening its presence in the Middle East. Mr. Bakhmatyuk assures stakeholders of Ukrlandfarming’s commitment to being a positive partner in these markets. He affirms, “We have a proven track record of delivering superior products and services.

In addition to reinforcing its position in the Middle East, China, and the Far East, Ukrlandfarming is intensifying efforts to deepen trade relations with the European Union. The company sees this move as a significant step toward establishing a more extensive global presence.

While focusing on its core markets, Ukrlandfarming remains committed to uplifting local communities and implementing continuous efforts that benefit both people and the environment.

For more information about Ukrlandfarming, please visit their website.

About Ukrlandfarming:

Ukrlandfarming is a leading consortium of agricultural enterprises in Ukraine dedicated to sustainable farming practices and driving economic progress. With a focus on innovation and excellence, Ukrlandfarming aims to meet the evolving demands of global markets while fostering community growth and environmental responsibility.

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